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Help : Site features

Our web site has many features that will help you cruise through our betting offers faster, place bets in fewer steps and always have accurate information. No matter how you access our web site you will always be able to login, browse through betting offers, place bets and check your account state.

Naturally, if you use latest browsers and computers (or other web-enabled devices) you will have a better experience as we fully employ modern web technologies.

What we offer?1

BetSlip on every page

Each page that has betting offers will have our dynamic Betslip at the right edge. When you add a selection to the betslip you don't have to go to another page to see the slip - just click on it and it appears.
The benefits are quickly visible when you have several selections in the slip. You can place only subset of them, you have instant calculations for chosen bet type - all of which will help you choose your bet.
- And bet placement is only one click away!

More bets

Our betting navigation is based on "one-click-away" principle, as demonstrated on the following figure.

Illustration of one-click-away principle

From here, you can:

  • move your mouse over "16 more bets" and you will see a list of other markets available for this event (you can also use the 3rd drop-down box for this)
  • choose another event or the whole coupon in the 2nd drop-down box
  • choose completely different coupon or betting offers (i.e. go to Weekend coupon or Match markets or Next events list) using 1st drop-down
  • choose another sport in the left column

Suspended markets

Occasionally betting on a market is suspended for a brief period - particularly on in-running events. The site will mark these markets by covering them with the word "Suspended". As soon as the market is reopened the covering layer will be removed.

Live update

The nature of in-running (or in-vision) betting is such that prices can change quickly, as well as current betting offers.
Our 'Live update' feature keeps your page up to date.

Prices and handicaps are updated in near to real time, without page refresh (same counts for Betslip selections), as well as market suspension.

This feature works on all betting pages, not just home page.

Page will be refreshed only if market was closed or selection count changed or price offer has changed (on horse and greyhound race markets with SP, when board prices come through) or if EW offer changes etc.

This frees you to focus on one thing you came for - betting. We take care of mechanics.


At the top, we display our current time. Start times of our events will correspond to the time displayed here, so you don't have to worry about time zones to know when the event will start.

OK, great. What's the catch?

Internet connection speed

Each of these features requires more or less code. On the reasonably fast Internet connection (like 128k ISDN, DSL etc) you don't have to worry - simply use the features and enjoy.

For users with dial-up connections, we took every measure we could to deliver good user experience. Each external file (script and style definition) we use is cached on your computer, which means that once you download them once (at your first visit) subsequent pages will load much faster.

Whatever your connection, we do our best to make betting on our site fun and easy.

1 - If you don't see some of these features, you are probably using the browser that don't support them. We recommend Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 7 on Windows, Safari, OmniWeb or Firefox on MacOSX, Internet Explorer 5.1.7 on MacOS9.

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